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StatKnows is a Chilean company

knowledge and technology intensive

that provides services based on statistical science,

applied artificial intelligence and other advanced resources.

Strategic diagnoses

We have technological tools, knowledge and methodologies that allow us to detect perceptions and understand universes of people quickly and with high statistical precision.

System of

We create intelligent management systems with predictive modeling, which integrate high-tech applications and devices developed by us and that operate together with our AI and big data infrastructures.

empowerment with communication

We support our clients to detect organizational needs and opportunities for which our services create special value. And we provide strategic communication and marketing to capitalize on deliverables.

Probability Sampling Studies

Y scientific rigor

Evidence of perception of urban and rural population, without geographic or language restrictions


data to adjust services, prospect markets and improve relationships

Public sector: inputs for public policies, including national sectoral surveys

Academia: robust information for scientific research and academic work

NGOs and others: citizen and key stakeholder perspectives for action plans and programs

Qué ofrecemos

The stringency and statistical reliability are key.


With our AI algorithms, we assemble samples of people that represent the diversity of characteristics of the universes we study. Then, we weight and calibrate the responses with census and other data, using our sample inference methodology to online surveys.

We abide by the personal data protection regulations of the European Union (GDPR) and the State of California.

Our studios are carbon neutral.

General or specific population studies, areas, countries or groups of countries

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The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), of the United Nations, mentions in its sixth report, published on August 9, 2021, the International Climate Change Survey carried out in 2019 by StatKnows and the Science Center of Climate and Resilience (CR)2. 
You can download the full report from IPCC here, and the survey reporthere.

In its Sixth Assesment Report, published August 9, 2021, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) mentions the International Climate Change Survey 2019 conducted by StatKnows and the Center for Climate and Resilience Research (CR)2._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
You can download the full IPCC report here, and the survey report here.

Recyclame, selected in the call "The Plastic Evolution"

StatKnows was one of six companies  winners of "The Plastic Evolution" open innovation call. This call was led by ChileGlobal Ventures and organized by the Chilean Plastics Pact (PCP) in conjunction with Fundación Chile, and sought to identify circular, sustainable and disruptive solutions associated with containers and packaging in Chile and Latin America.

More informationhere.

StatKnows Survey Reveals New Real Estate Development Market Opportunities

A study of perceptions about sustainable attributes of real estate projects, carried out by StatKnows with EBP Chile, revealed interesting findings associated with the valuation of sustainable housing by the population that has recently searched or is searching for a new house or apartment to buy in the MR.


El Estrodor shared some of these results in thisArticle

Study of perceptions of adolescents and young people about cyberbullying

Download here detailed information of study of perceptions of young people about cyberbullying, applied at the national level between December 22 and 26, 2020,


It was carried out by StatKnows with the Faculty of Psychology of the Universidad del Desarrollo, for the Katy Summer Foundation and the General Secretariat of the Government. The data is the basis for an interministerial action and prevention plan and the campaign#CutTheChain.

General Study References on Gateway Cities

Commissioned by Western Sydney University, between June 27 and July 15, 2020, StatKnows conducted a citizen perception study of inhabitants of the five gateway cities to Antarctica: Punta Arenas, Ushuaia, Cape Town, Christchurch and Hobart.


Here you can download general references of the study inSpanishandEnglish.

International Climate Change Survey 2019

download herethe results of the study on climate change carried out by StatKnows, in collaboration with the Center for Climate Science and Resilience (CR)2.

First phase covers 18 Latin American countries.

You can also download the presentation in Spanishhere.

Intelligent security management system

Codelco disseminated an initiative developed by StatKnows for its Gabriela Mistral Division (DGM). It is - reported the mining company - "technological tools that put artificial intelligence at the service of the safety of those who work in the division."

Mas Information on Intelligent Security, published by Codelco after the start of the white march in the DGM,available here.

El equipo

Some of the organizations that have trusted us

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